Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Skills and Qualities

There are lots of skills/qualities that our group have been working on, as well as being very good at. Here are some strengths in our group:

I think we are really principled because when we work independently and also with our group members we always stay on task. Especially with computers, we just stick to what we are meant to be doing and I don’t think I have seen anyone do something irrelevant or going off task.

I think our group is being creative because we are getting a range of evidence. By that, I mean different parts of MISO. (Media, Interview, Survey, Observation). We are using lots of media, mostly looking at websites. For the interview part, we are planning to interview SPCA and we interviewed  Brook (service department). We are planning to create a survey, and we personally think observation is not that important but we do it on a daily basis.

I think our group are self-managers because we accomplish lots of things within sessions. We have already done lots of research. As I mentioned earlier, we contacted the SPCA. We are doing well in that area too, we have already received responses and are just deciding the dates. I think being a self-manager is important because if you don’t self-manage you won’t get much done.

I think we have been good communicators because we are always being able to solve a problem when we are distressed or disagree to something, and always find a compromise or solution. We are also good at communicating efficiently so that when we have to do independent work we are quick with deciding what to do.


  1. Hello Anika,
    I am Jai in your Exhibition group. I think you have done a vey nice and detailed reflection. I like how you have written about about a range of different skills and qualities, I agree that we have been doing these skills and qualities.

  2. I hadn't heard of MISO before Anika. I agree I think you're making use of Media, Interview and Observations. Have you considered how you might apply the Survey in the context of your Exhibition?

  3. Anika thank you for sharing in detail how your group is working on a range of skills and qualities. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Anika,
    I think I agree with you, because your group seems to be doing really well with all the skills and qualities you listed up above. I wonder what your next steps are and which skills and qualities you would like to improve on.

    It is great that you and your group are using MISO to help in your research.

    Another thing I was wondering about was the credits for your photo that you put in. Remember it is really important to give credit.

    I loved your post because it is really detailed and it gives evidence of how your group is doing well in these areas.