Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Researching questions

One of the main questions I have been working deeply on is, What are some of the consequences of treating animals badly?

Another question related to this which helps take my thinking further is what will happen in the future if this continues to keep happening because we don’t have that particular data so you have to predict looking at what is happening now, this helps to understand the question more. We have gathered lots of information for this question which means we are starting to sort out our information so it is organised and people understand it. The research we did includes statistics as well as just some things that in overall are happening. We have a bit started talking about taking action but we have not decided on what we are going to do, we might have to go a bit out of our community but hopefully it is not that hard.


  1. Hi Jai

    It is great to hear you are asking questions to help take your thinking further. Next time it would be great to know some examples of the statistics you have found or other information as an example of what you are finding out.

  2. Well done Jai and group. You have chosen a topic that we all care very deeply about. I'm glad you are starting to think more deeply about your action plan. I hope you think through this part of your Exhibition very carefully so that the theme 'We can make a difference' shines through! Good luck sorting your data. I look forward to hearing more about this on the Exhibition Evening.

  3. Great going Jai and team. I like the fact that other than available research and data, your understanding has gone to the level of predicting for the future, based on today. This is the foresight one needs to make a difference!