Monday, 16 May 2016

Summarising Research

Recently during research, I found this site talking about the behaviors of animals which could follow on after animal abuse. I think this website opens up a bunch of new consequences of treating animals badly.
Animals are not the same as us and they would not like it if you hurt them so they will try to defend themselves. Since we attack them they will give it back and the website states that it is mostly becoming aggressive to show you that they don’t like it. This consequence mostly happens with domestic pets such as cats and dogs, because we interact with them the most in a bad way or a good way.

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  1. Hi Jai
    You are right the blog post you sited is very informative and helps answer one of your essential question. I like how you summarised what you learned from the article in your post. I wonder, did you use the reference list at the bottom of the site to go and read further the articles she used to write her post? Good researchers often to do this because there could be even more good information in the original sources.