Sunday, 8 May 2016

Planning for this week's interviews

This week, I have been reading about some of our Global Concerns at UWCSEA to prepare for our interviews with the teachers who lead and work with the GCs at our school.
Bali Sharks is a Global Concerns Service in our school. Bali Sharks is located in Southern Bali,  Indonesia.

Bali Sharks mission is to raise awareness about sharks in Bali. Their reason is that many sharks are getting left to die in the oceans. Meanwhile the fishermen are fishing for the fish but sharks get caught in their line, what happens next is the fishermen either take them out of the net and throw them in the sea or throw them in with the net still on their body. Research shows that 90% of sharks have been killed since 2006. The reason they are most killed is because of their teeth for jewelry and shark fin soup.

Questions to ask Mr. Lawrence during the interview on Thursday
  1. What are Bali Sharks assets?
  2. How is the GC planning to make a difference?

Tiger Watch is a Global Concerns Service in our school. Tiger Watch is located in Rajasthan, India.

Their mission is to reduce poaching and improve animal conservation in India. They want to make a safer environment for the tigers to roam. They also would like to protect the remaining tigers in India. Brook told me that Cambodia, the tiger were killed for their fur. He shared that after they breed the tigers, the tigers are sent to other countries where the animals are in threat of becoming extinct to breed. The way they do that is by having fundraisers to protect the tigers and raise the awareness. They also support ex-poachers and hope that they do not poach the animals again.

Questions to ask Mr. Verrill during the interview on Thursday

  1. What are Tiger Watch’s assets?
  2. How is the GC making a difference?


  1. Eleri, your summaries are written really well. It gives the reader a succinct description of each GC's mission. An informative post. Thank you!

  2. Hi Eleri
    I like how you included a range of evidence, for example you had some information from Brook, and some from the websites. I also like how you elaborated on your work and didn't just copy the information from your resources.

  3. Hi Eleri its Toby, this is really good and interesting! I loved reading about it and look forward to more posts

  4. Interesting blog Eleri & good planning for your week ahead!

  5. Good to see you applying what you have learnt, Eleri! I have subscribed to your team's blog so that I will get the posts directly in my inbox. Well done!

  6. So interesting, Eleri! You have covered so much information in such a concise and well explained way - well done!
    Have you been or could you be involved in one of the Tiger Watch or Bali Sharks fundraisers? What do you think you could do?

  7. Eleri this is a great post that helps your readers know a little more about what you are researching as well as getting yourself prepared best for your interviews this week. I really like how you linked the sites, summarised what you read, added your questions and also provided a map to help me locate where in the world this GC is helping animals.

    This post also prompted your other group members to read more before going to the interviews which is really important - well done!

    I hope the interviews go well this week.