Thursday, 12 May 2016

Causes for Animals Singapore

Recently, I was looking at the Causes for Animals Singapore website for some research. My question was “How do organizations in Singapore help animals in need?” and this was one of the organizations. I think the website is really useful because:

  • They include an About Us page, where if we want to contact them we can go there to inquire further
  • They include a Donations page/Support Us page where we can help them by fund raising, participating in food drives, etc.
  • They have an education page where some people in CAS teach people in our community about the animal welfare issues in Singapore and raise awareness for the plight of animals in Singapore.
  • There is a volunteering page, so if people want to take action and provide help to CAS they can volunteer to take care of the animals at the center.

Overall, I think that Causes for Animals is a great website if you want to take action and support stray animals. It also helped me with my research because it provided some good answers to my question. It equally helped me with some possible ideas for the action that my group ws going to take.
"Causes for Animals (Singapore) - Dog Adoption, Stray Management, Community Outreach in Singapore." Causes for Animals (Singapore) - Dog
Adoption, Stray Management, Community Outreach in Singapore. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 May 2016.


  1. Hello Anika
    I am Jai from your Exhibition group. It is very nice that you our going further because we looked a lot in to the SPCA but then you did not stop there you also looked into CAS which means you're really putting and thinking a lot about Exhibition.

  2. Hi Anika, I am Kaitlyn,
    I like how you have done research to find a suitable website for your topic.
    Your reasons are very good, which means this is a good site to look deeper in.