Wednesday, 27 April 2016


My group was collaborating really well the past week. I think the more you work together the better you get the job done because it's better to share your ideas, see different perspectives, and give your advice to somebody else's thinking to make it even better. Sometimes, you would have a problem when somebody disagrees with something and then you have an argument about who is right or which is better. It's normal, but in the end, you have to agree to something. Some suggestions are:

  • Compromise. Mix all the ideas together to one better idea.
  • Try giving the person suggestions on what you don't like.
  • Discuss why you think that your idea is more relevant.
  • Come up with a completely new idea that you both agree to.

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  1. Hi Anika,

    I think that it is great that you gave some tips and suggestions on how to come up with one decision in Exhibition. Our group uses these strategies too and it really helps us so I think it could help other groups as well.
    What challenges has your group faced with regards to collaboration?