Wednesday, 27 April 2016


We are still in the early stage of Exhibition and I think we are collaborating well. Usually when we are in our groups we split up in 2-3 groups and research quickly this is an efficient way of achieving things. I think that later we will need to do our jobs together because then the decisions get bigger. I think that our group is collaborating well because we have just started research, set up our mentor meetings and get an email from S.P.C.A.
I think our group will have a good end product due to our collaboration.

Human helpers and Animal Cruelty


Help raise awareness

They way you can help is by taking action to call a animal control closest to you.

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My group was collaborating really well the past week. I think the more you work together the better you get the job done because it's better to share your ideas, see different perspectives, and give your advice to somebody else's thinking to make it even better. Sometimes, you would have a problem when somebody disagrees with something and then you have an argument about who is right or which is better. It's normal, but in the end, you have to agree to something. Some suggestions are:

  • Compromise. Mix all the ideas together to one better idea.
  • Try giving the person suggestions on what you don't like.
  • Discuss why you think that your idea is more relevant.
  • Come up with a completely new idea that you both agree to.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


This week my team and I have really been focusing on collaborating well and making sure everyone's treated equally. I think we've accomplished that very well this week since to get work done we have divided and conquered. Our group would break in half and two of us would do something and the other two would do another thing. We've already reached the storming stage in our group and are gathering pockets of the norming stage. We're now starting to do our research so overall I strongly believe that our group is collaborating well!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Grade 6 wisdom

Grade 6 wisdom
Today the grade 6’s came to our classroom to tell us about the Exhibition process. This was because they have been through the whole process and known what it felt like. I learnt that a very important part of Exhibition was to become more responsible so that you will complete your tasks on time and become focused so you get things done and not just leave it. Another thing I learnt was you need to collaborate with your group because then you will not get anywhere.

Learning from the Experts

Learning from the Experts
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Today we had the Grade 6’s from the old SLC come and tell us some tips and tricks about Exhibition. Some big things we were able to take away from their talk was that we need to make sure we collaborate well and have fun! We also need to stay on task and make sure everyone is doing something.
A little after that we went to SAIS: Stamford American International School to check out their Exhibition since they were done. It was a good learning experience because they had topics like Animal Rights, Cyber Bullying, and Racism which are all also things we’re doing. I think it was quite neat for how they gave us brochures and stickers. It made us feel like it wasn’t just a boring old talk about how gaming can cause you to get aggressive. Some strange things were that it was like we were at a flea market and they just kept asking us to come to their stall. Overall the stalls we went to were good and organized. I hope my group is as organized when our time comes.

Stanford Exhibition

Stamford Exhibition

The experience we had at SAIS (Stamford American International School) was a pleasant one, as we got to meet some of there students and see their school once again.

Some of the things we learned about exhibition are that you need to really show care and express yourself meaningly to your audience. I also learnt that you need to make your board stand out in front of others but not look plain.

Learning from the experienced

Learning from the experienced

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Going to SAIS was really useful. There were a couple of people doing my topic (Animals) so I could get more information and look at their examples for future reference. Actually, all the stalls were  helpful because you could look at the board, the presentation and the evidence for ideas in your own exhibit. These were some things I found useful for later:

  • They had multiple evidence like quotes, interviews, pictures, etc.
  • They had multiple evidence like quotes, interviews, pictures, etc.
  • They spoke clearly and explained things in detail